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Exclusive Set Solo

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Make your kitchen tasks, both private and social, more pleasant with this set of essential kitchen accessories that combine unique appearance with smart utility and attractive, vivid colours. Made out of recycled plastic bottles!

Pictograms: Made in EU , Food safe , Melamine free , BPA free , Shock resistant , Dishwasher safe(ECO/ MAX 55°C) , Made from PBT
Brand: Skaza Exceeding Expectations
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The Exclusive Set includes several matching accessories: a ladle, spaghetti-ladle, turning ladle, cooking spoon, colander, potholder, and a spoon rest. The unique shape, vivid colour and sheer convenience could well inspire some creative cooking! The set represents an attractive kitchen companion; many use it to add some extra excitement to food preparation and outdoor gatherings and with its attractive design, colouring and packaging it could make an excellent gift as well. The material and the design of the utensils ensure safety and convenience. They won't scratch delicate surfaces, such as teflon coatings. They are resistant to high temperatures and therefore usable in procedures where temperatures reach up to 170 °C. They are dishwasher safe. All the accessories are made of robust, food safe materials free of BPA and melamine. The plastic they are made of is derived from recycled PET bottles, so they're well deserving of their ECO label!

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We make a sustainable vision of the future look beautiful. To allow others to see this beauty, we refine our ideas to such an extent that they change people’s expectations. We achieve this by using renewable resources, nurturing respect for the environment and always paying attention to beauty.

The colourful set of Solo kitchen accessories is an indispensable aid for every cook.

1. Not sensitive to high temperatures.
2. BPA- and melamine-free.
3. Made of safe and environmentally-friendly materials suitable for food-contact.
4. Every product can be bought individually. The products have non-stick properties.
5. Made in the EU.
  • Made in EU
  • Food safe
  • Melamine free
  • BPA free
  • Shock resistant
  • Dishwasher safe(ECO/ MAX 55°C)
  • Made from PBT
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