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Make difficult tasks simpler by using this large cutting board made of a robust and food-safe material. Grooves along the edges prevent the liquids seeping from the food from spilling onto the countertop or the table.

Pictograms: Made in EU , Food safe , Melamine free , BPA free , Shock resistant , Dishwasher safe(ECO/ MAX 55°C) , Made from PBT
Brand: Skaza Exceeding Expectations
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The large, robust cutting board facilitates effortless carving of whole chicken or preparation of large pieces of food. The board is resistant to mechanical damage and high temperatures. You can wash it in a dishwasher after use. Use a sufficiently large, high-quality cutting board to keep your countertop safe from damage that can result from a slip of the knife or the use of a meat pounder. Due to the liquid-catching grooves, spillage of meat juices or other liquids onto the countertop or table is avoided. The board is reversible, permitting you to keep preparation of raw and cooked food separate. The board is made of food-safe material free of BPA and melamine.

Environmentally-friendly ECO product!

Technical information:

Material: PE4

Made of environmentally-friendly materials that are not harmful to health.

343 x 242 mm

We make a sustainable vision of the future look beautiful. To allow others to see this beauty, we refine our ideas to such an extent that they change people’s expectations. We achieve this by using renewable resources, nurturing respect for the environment and always paying attention to beauty.

The colourful Solo cutting board is an essential tool for every cook.

1. Not sensitive to high temperatures.
2. BPA- and melamine-free.
3. Made of safe and environmentally-friendly materials.
4. Dishwasher safe. Resistant to mechanical damage.
5. Made in the EU.
  • Made in EU
  • Food safe
  • Melamine free
  • BPA free
  • Shock resistant
  • Dishwasher safe(ECO/ MAX 55°C)
  • Made from PBT
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